Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic ticks all the right boxes to take beauty treatments to a new level!

Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic ticks all the boxes for everything that is right about a beauty salon that takes beauty and wellness to a new level!  For a start, the decor is funky, bright and fashionable, reflecting everything that is light and fresh.  The Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic team is like family, and if you, like many other women, and men now, spend a few hours a month on any treatment from head to toe with the team, you will also become part of the family and its warm welcome each time you visit.

In terms of beauty treatments, it would be hard to find a wider variety of treatments than the range offered by Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic!  The vibe at Glo is one that is created by clients and therapists to celebrate inner and outer beauty, our wonderful diversity and ability to laugh at the fun that can be had while you treat yourself.

If you are struggling with acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles or a proverbial ‘turkey’ neck, Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic has a full range of non-invasive treatments that will make a world of difference to all these problem areas, designed to cause no pain with maximum benefit.  The super beauty therapists at Glo are a fantastic team made up of individuals who are passionate about what they do, each contributing their own brand of extra special care to the overall well being of their clients.

When Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic first opened at Parkview Shopping Centre in Pretoria, this team had no idea that they would grow faster than their dreams could keep up with, but, with so many people contributing and being part of the Glo family, it happened naturally!  Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic proudly opened their second branch in June this year, 2017, at Dainfern Square in Johannesburg, carrying their special brand of beauty treatments and care even further than before!

It definitely looks as if the Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic dreams are not going to stop there; their vision is to bring the Glo Experience to the whole of South Africa and even across our borders!  It’s easy to understand how an attitude such as the one you would experience at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic will keep you coming back, which is exactly what keeps them growing!  Grab a friend and bring them along to find out what it is that makes Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic really, really special!

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