There is so much to enjoy at Glo Laser & Beauty that you must try it out for yourself to understand!

Breaking down the name ‘Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic’ is not as simple as one might imagine!  Well, the ‘Glo’ part is pretty straightforward actually, it’s all about making sure that by the time any client has spent some time with one of the very special beauty therapists in this team, they will be glowing!

The ‘Laser’ part of the name is also what it says, but, in the case of Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria, and now in Johannesburg, it means pain-free laser hair removal for men and women using the latest technology in the form of The Soprano Ice! Laser hair removal has never been this good, this quick or this affordable!

Now comes the hard part, ‘Beauty Clinic’!  It’s been said before; Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic covers everything to do with beauty and wellbeing from head to toe, but, it cannot be stressed enough!  The range of non-invasive beauty treatments available at Glo Laser & Beauty are carried out by highly trained beauty therapists who love what they do, which can definitely qualify them as clinicians!

Non-invasive body and facial contouring also fall into this category, focussing on conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, including sagging necks, as well as making a marked difference in the appearance of stretch marks.

It’s not just the quality of their facials that makes this team stand out; it is also in their careful choice of products such as Lamelle and Nimue that shows the depth of their commitment to using well researched and highly effective products to aid in their beauty treatments.  Let’s not forget the Pamper Bar at Glo Laser & Beauty, that’s where you can expect pampering deluxe in the form of pedicures, manicures and tinting!

The team at Glo Laser & Beauty is focussed on not only meeting, but exceeding the needs of every client who joins the Glo family, giving undivided attention to each client and celebrating the individuality and diversity of everyone entering the salon.

If you really want to experience the exceptional in head to toe beauty and well being, join the family at Glo Laser & Beauty either in Pretoria or in Johannesburg!

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