Skin concerns : We’ve got answers

Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic has already grown from its first branch in Pretoria to the second in Johannesburg, proof that they are definitely doing everything right for their loyal clients who have made this expansion possible, and all this in just over 2 years!

This is a team of passionate beauty therapists who are highly trained and dedicated to giving their undivided attention to clients just for the joy of seeing the positive results that their skin treatments, pain free laser treatments and other non-invasive treatments have on every client they care for.

Glo Laser & Beauty is serious about tackling every skin condition or issue from A-Z, which makes it really easy for clients who have more than just one treatment to find it all under one attractive and welcoming roof.

Acne, dry skin, eczema, puffy eyes, uneven skin tone, dull skin and skin discolouration are just a few of the skin concerns that can be treated effectively at Glo Laser & Beauty, whether it is through the use of their products of choice, Lamelle and Nimue or highly effective non-invasive treatments, there is a solution for every skin concern you may have.

Anti-ageing treatments and solutions include everything from treating an ageing or turkey neck, wrinkles around the mouth and smoker’s wrinkles, sagging face to drooping eyes or eyelids and so much more, making sure that every woman who is concerned about the visible effects of aging has the opportunity to address these issues with the help of the professionals at Glo Laser & Beauty.

There is also much hope for those of us with skin pigmentation, age spots and sun damaged skin, and as for those of us with love handles, cellulite and a double chin, there is definitely a solution at hand at Glo Laser & Beauty with their use of skin tightening treatments which use Radio Frequency energy to work their magic.

Last but definitely not least; if you are just so done with the hassle of getting rid of unwanted and embarrassing hair on your face or body, Glo Laser & Beauty brings you the latest technology in pain free laser hair removal that really works, is genuinely cost effective and takes very little of your time!

If you would like a little pamper in between treatments, or just for the sheer pleasure of it, the pamper bar at Glo Laser & Beauty has it all, from manicures to pedicures and tinting!  Celebrate inner and outer beauty in the funky, fun and welcoming home environment at Glo Laser & Beauty; you will love becoming part of this growing family!

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