Dark circles under your eyes is a very common problem many people complain about. When there is a lot of pressure on your blood vessels it can cause the vessels to move more to the surface of your skin and so gives it the dark circle effect under your eyes.
There is a lot of factors contributing to the appearance of your dark circles such as genetics, stress, sleep deprivation, chronic rubbing your eyes, sun exposure, prone to hyperpigmentation and age. As you get older and you start ageing like a good red wine your skin does tend to thin out a bit leading the vessels to be closer to the surface of your skin and showing the bags under your eyes more easily.
Here at Glo Laser and Beauty we can assist you with this common problem with an in house treatment as well as recommending some homecare products to alleviate the dark circles around your eyes. Our Therapists will recommend a Nimue Therapeutic Facial that will help with relieving the appearance of the dark circles with an added on Cooling Eye Treatment to help assist with dark circles and swelling around the eyes. Our therapists will recommend Nimue Eye Serum that will improve puffiness, bags, wrinkles as well as dark circles around the eyes, it can be used as a day and night serum around your eyes. Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist can only be used in the morning to help with hydration, protection, refreshing and as an anti-oxidant to help reduce puffiness around your eyes and as an added bonus it brightens your skin from dull to healthy as well as waking you up with a refreshing smell.

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