Double chin is fatty tissue which can be seen under your chin. It is caused when the fatty layer around your skin begins to sag, causing a little pouch, which then makes it look like you have double chin.
A double chin is more commonly seen in overweight (obese) people and also elderly people. Genetics, hormones and excessive weight gain or loss are all factors that can lead to the development of a double chin.
Here at Glo laser and Beauty we will offer you the best treatments and homecare advice to help get rid of your double chin. Our therapists will recommend our skin tightening treatment which uses radio frequency to help get rid of the double chin and also help to tighten the skin. The radio frequency treatment uses two hand pieces which works by shrinking the excess fat cells in the skin and tighten the excess loose skin as well. For homecare treatment our therapists will recommend Nimue Skin Refirmer Moisturizer which you will use as a night cream to help reduce the sagging skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. We will also recommend the Elastoderma oil from Lilian Terry which will repair the stretched skin and help retain its normal texture.

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