Does it ever feel like you walk around looking tired when in fact you are feeling fresh as a fox? Well that may be because you have a drooping eyebrow. Drooping eyebrows are caused when the skin above your eyelid begins to sag.
Drooping eyebrows can be caused by ageing, injury to the eye, weak muscles around the eye and can also occur being born with a natural drooping eyelid. It can affect anyone. As you grow older gravity tends to take its toll and sometimes not in the most ideal areas, your skin loses elasticity and this results in the eyelid drooping. When the levator muscle is shortened this can draw the eyebrow down giving you a drooping eyebrow.
Lifting that eyebrow is a very easy thing to do. We at Glo Laser & Beauty have a great treatment that will lift your tired looking eyebrows. Our therapists can recommend the Skin Tightening treatment that uses radio frequency, this treatment will help stimulate your skin to produce more collagen which will tighten and lift the skin around your eyes, giving your eyebrows a less droopy appearance.

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