Dry skin can be classified as a skin that lacks moisture as well as lipids and can be flaky, itchy and sometimes even sensitive, it is a fairly common condition to have and may be more severe during colder months and in dried climates. Dry skin can affect everyone from the much younger people but is sometimes more common in older people.
The skins epidermis has natural oils present and water and when you are exposed to dry conditions the oils and water on the skin will be stripped off which would then lead to you having a dry skin. Some people have dry skins throughout the year because their skins do not produce enough oils and water to keep the skin hydrated.
When you have dry skin your skin can be itchy, flaky and feel tight in very severe cases your skin will have patches of dryness and may sometimes lead to eczema or psoriasis.
Treatment for dry skin is possible and our trained therapists at Glo Laser and Beauty will help you treat your dry skin and have a smooth healthy skin again, they will offer you our hydrating treatments such as our Lamelle Hydration Facials which uses a Soothing Serum and Hydrating Mask and for home care they will recommend the Hydrating HA serum, the Revitalise Cream and also the Cleansing Gel and Restore Cream all from our Lamelle range.
They can also offer you a Rejuvenating Facial from our Nimue range which uses the Super Hydrating Mask and for home care will recommend the Super Hydrating Serum, the Super Hydrating Mask, Moisturizer plus for an evening cream and Nimue day for a day cream and end off with Vitamin C Mist all from the Nimue range.
The different ranges will depend on your skin condition and so our therapists will do a skin analysis before treating your dry skin to determine what range will suit your skin type the best to give you optimal results.
Our aim at Glo is to ensure that when you walk out of our salon all your concerns for dry skin have been treated and your skin is on the road to recovery.

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