Dull skin is usually described as lacking a Glow and Radiance look in your skin. There are many causes and factors contributing to the dull appearance of your skin such as poor circulation, smoking, illness, medications, poor diet, alcohol consumption, cold winter climates, dehydration and so much more.
There are a few at lifestyle changes that you can start with at home to make your skin heathier and brighten it up a bit. Change your diet and eat more fruits and vegetables, fully packed with anti-oxidants and leave out your junk food. Reduce your smoking habits to help with speeding up your circulation in your skin as smoking suppresses circulation and so gives you a dull completion.
Here at Glo Laser and Beauty our therapists will recommend our Glo Booster facial that will turn your dull skin into a Glo’ing skin. As homecare they will recommend Nimue enzyme exfoliator, Either Super Hydrating Serum to help with dehydration, barrier protection and giving your skin a great colour or Alpha Lipoic Activator Serum that is packed with anti- oxidants to help with fine lines, sagging skin and brightening your skin colour and lastly our Vitamin C Moisture Mist will help with hydration and giving your skin a fresh feel.
We also offer Lamelle Lacti- firm peel that will help exfoliate your skin as well as give it a good Glo’ing effect with an added on Growth factor mask after the peel. Home care they will recommend the Recharge CE complex Serum to help regenerate your skin and give you a moisturizer suitable for your skin.

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