Erythema is a very common condition that a lot of individuals struggle with but don’t understand it as well as they should. Erythema can be identified in various forms. Erythema presents itself as red patches on the skin or in severe cases as a red rash.
Erythema is caused by an increase of blood flow in the area in response to injury, applied heat or irritation. This can make the blood vessels in the area to dilate giving it a red appearance. Erythema is your body’s normal response to stimulation applied to the area.
Erythema can be linked to skin sensitivity and is normally not something that is dangerous but it can make a person feel self-conscious about their skin. If you are tired of having a red skin tone from erythema, then we at Glo Laser & Beauty can recommend to add on the Growth Factor mask from Lamelle to the Essential Hydration Facial, this mask is ultra-cooling, soothing and calming and will help to reduce redness on your face, as an added benefit it has powerful anti-aging properties as it helps with cellular stimulation and regeneration. At home you will be able to treat the redness with Nimue’s Skin Regulator which will help reduce the appearance of redness on your skin.

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