Love handles or the muffin top as some may call it is when you have an accumulation of fat around your waistline. Let’s not kid ourselves but having love handles is not as glamorous as the name may sound and it is probably one of the biggest concerns for people everywhere. Love handles can affect both males and females and they are not only caused by a lack of exercise, there are other factors that may cause love handles.
Stress, leading a sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, in men low testosterone, in women pregnancy, going through menopause and also having a genetic disposition may all cause love handles. As you get older as women you are at a high risk of developing love handles because your metabolism becomes slower and your body will then store excess fat in your waistline.
Getting rid of love handles does not have to be a very complicated procedure which will see you out of action for a couple of weeks. We at Glo Laser and Beauty will help you get rid of those unflattering love handles.
Our qualified and trained therapists will recommend our Skin Tightening treatments which uses Radio Frequency energy to get rid of the love handles. This treatment gently heats the area up to the required temperature, which targets collagen fibers and fat cells in the area. The result is a reduction in fat volume in the area and an increase in collagen production which gives the skin a tightened, lifted and contoured appearance. You will need about 8-12 sessions once a week in order to achieve the best possible results.

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