Feeling the tension in the busy world we live in today? At Glo we have a variety of massages which focus on different areas on your body. These massages will leave you stress free by improving the blood circulation which will relieve tension, improve memory and improve mental focus. Lilian Terry International is our preferred homeopathy and aromatherapy oils. Our outcome-based massages will leave you feeling renewed and gloing in no time.



    • Overall improved blood circulation
    • Assisted lymphatic drainage
    • Increased oxygen supply to the tissue
    • Immune system stimulation
    • Powerful anti-aging effect


Treatment Price
Royalty (Foot & Hand) 20 Min. Spoil yourself to a 20 minute relaxing hand and foot massage R230
The CEO Massage (Head, Neck & Shoulders) 30 Min. The perfect relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage for the busy lifestyle person that will leave you stress free. by improving the blood circulation to the head, this will relieve tension, improve memory and improve mental focus. R250
Jet Setter (Leg, Foot & Shoulder) 30 Min. For the “Jet Setters” travelling far distances and long hours who want to unwind and reset. A relaxing leg and foot massage to increase the blood circulation followed by a shoulder massage. R300
The Athlete (Concentrate on fatigued area) R310
The Big Easy (Shoulder, Neck & Back) 30 Min. Melt away your tension with a full shoulder, neck and back massage. R350
Full Body 60 Min R450

Every Person Deserves A Glo Experience.

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