Oily skin is most commonly found in young people, and sometimes in more mature people as well. Oily skin is determined by genetics and this condition is not age related. It is usually classified as over activity of your sebaceous glands in your skin that produces the sebum (natural oil) of your skin. Some may have an oily T panel and some may have a full oily face.
Oily skin is not always necessarily a problem, but when the individual feels embarrassed by the shiny appearance of their face or if the skin starts developing more comedons and pimples, it can be seen as a problem.
Some factors that can have an effect on your oily skin is stress, genetics, menstrual cycle, environment that you work of live in, climate and diet. Oily skin is very easy to treat but we need to find the cause and then treat the problem.
Our Therapist will recommend doing a Nimue Therapeutic Facial or a Lamelle Purifying Facial with a suitable mask for oily skin. For homecare you can use Nimue Purifier as a night cream to help regulate the production of sebum in your skin, during the day it can be used as a spot treatment for that one or two pimples that tend to appear. Moisturizer Lite will be absorbed quickly into your skin and won’t leave an oily feel on your skin. Lamelle’s Clarity Active Cleanse will remove excess sebum from inside the pores to help prevent any congestion forming in your skin, it will leave your skin feeling cleansed and fresh.

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