Skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is darkening of an area of the skin which is caused by an over production of melanin in the area.

Over exposure to sun, taking photosensitive medication, hormones, pregnancy and genetics are all factors that contribute to the development of skin pigmentation.

When you have a high concentration of melanocytes (melanin cells) or very overactive melanocytes this may cause hyperpigmentation to develop. Skin pigmentation may affect everyone but is more common in darker skin types because they have larger melanocytes than lighter skin types.

Remember when you were young enjoying your day in the sun without any sunblock/ sunscreen applied on your face and body, well as you get older that damage the sun caused on your skin is moving to the surface of your skin and showing more now than when you were younger.

There are different forms of skin pigmentation such as lentagine (beauty spots) freckles, melisma(pregnancy mask)

At Glo Laser and Beauty our therapists will be able to help you with the treatment of your skin pigmentation.

The salon treatments will include our Lamelle chemical peels mainly the Beta peels, we will first start you off on a few sessions of the Beta 15% peels applying two layers and then will progress to the Beta 20% peels also applying two layers.

For homecare treatments our trained therapists will recommend homecare products from our preferred product ranges which will be the Luminesce range from Lamelle which is specially formulated to treat pigmentation, the range consists of the Brightening Cleanse, Brighter day (day cream), Evening Glow (night cream) and the Brightening Defence. We will offer the Nimue Hyperpigmented skin range which is also formulated for treating skin pigmentation and it consists of the Cleansing Gel, Conditioner, Enzymatic Exfoliator, Day Fader, Night Fader, Night Fader Plus and the Sunblock.

The different range would depend on your skin condition.


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