Most of us are guilty for being sun lovers, we can’t help loving the warming sensation it creates on our skin and the healthy look a tan gives us. If only we all knew what damage excessive sun exposure can give us! In the long run a sun damaged skin does not look healthy at all.

In the long run sun exposure can alter the structure and function of your skin cells, which can cause skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure can also dry out the skin, cause pigmentation and give the skin a wrinkled, leathery appearance. Collagen and elastin fibers also get broken by the sun’s UV rays, which leads to premature ageing of the skin.

It is fairly easy to recognize a sun damaged skin. It will appear dry, dehydrated, not even in skin tone and have fine lines and wrinkles.

Here at Glo Laser and Beauty we can offer a wide range of treatments and homecare products to help treat sun damaged skin. We can recommend chemical peels from Lamelle to help to lighten your pigmentation from the sun and rejuvenate the skin, chemical peels help to remove dead and unhealthy skin cells and stimulate the production of healthier skin cells, by doing this the darker spots will eventually fade away and the appearance of fine lines will improve. After your chemical peel Barrier Repair Cream should be used for 4-5 days to help your skin heal properly and provide proper barrier protection for your skin. The Luminesce range from Lamelle is specially formulated to lighten and prevent any dark spots you may have on your skin. As an added benefit the Luminesce Moisturizer contains vitamin A which has strong anti-ageing properties and it helps to normalize skin cell functions. The RA Cream from Lamelle will help remove damaged skin cells from the dermis, giving a healthy and smoother skin appearance, it will also help to brighten the skin complexion and stimulate collagen production, without the irritation that most vitamin A creams can cause. We will also recommend Nimue’s Multi Rejuvenating Serum as it will help to even out your skin tone while also providing anti-ageing benefits to your skin. Nimue’s Super Hydrating Serum will help to hydrate the skin, reduce the harmful effects of free radicals from the sun and has strong anti-ageing properties. It is also important to wear adequate sun protection daily to prevent sun damge to the skin, a good sunscreen such as Nimue’s Sun-C SPF40 or Lamelle’s Brightening Defense SPF30 provides adequate sun protection, if applied correctly, while also providing anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.



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