Many people say they suffer from sun spots, but what exactly are these so called sun spots, and what causes them? Sun spots are flat brown spots that appear on your skin after excessive sun exposure on the area.

Sun spots are formed due to the fact that UV rays cause melanin cells which are responsible for producing pigment/melanin in your skin to produce higher than normal levels of melanin in an attempt to protect your skin cells from UV radiation. The result is the appearance of darker spots on your skin.

The more sun sensitive your skin, the earlier you will start developing these spots but in most cases they start making their appearance from the age of 30-40 years. When an existing sun spot has been exposed to sunlight, it will only get darker. The most common areas for sun spots to develop are the sides of your face, your chest and back of your hands, because these areas get most of the sun exposure.

If you notice that you have quite a few sun spots on your skin, it’s best to get your skin looked at by a doctor, as this indicates that your skin has had excessive sun exposure. Although sun spots can’t become cancerous, there might still be underlying damage in your skin that only a doctor or dermatologist will be able to pick up.

Here at Glo Laser and Beauty our therapist will recommend our Lamelle Pigmentation Chemical Peels every 2 -6 weeks to help reduce the appearance of sun spots. The chemical peels will help to lighten your sun spots as they remove dead and unhealthy skin cells and stimulate the production of healthier skin cells, by doing this the darker spots will eventually fade away. Home care will recommend using Lamelle’s Brighter Concentrate Serum 2 weeks before your first Chemical peel to prepare your skin, it will prevent any pigmentation from forming during the course of your peels as it blocks 8 known pathways of pigmentation formation in your skin. After your chemical peel Barrier Repair Cream should be used for 4-5 days to help your skin heal properly. The Luminesce range from Lamelle is specially formulated to treat and prevent any dark spots you may have on your skin. They will also recommend the Nimue Multi Rejuvenating Serum as it will help to even out your skin tone while also providing anti-ageing benefits to your skin. The Nimue Melano Mask will help lighten the sun spots present on your skin.

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