A turkey neck is the loose skin seen hanging around the neck. As people age, the turkey neck is more than likely to make its appearance. Some people can experience turkey neck from losing a large amount of weight and so there is only loose skin left behind. You will most probably in a panic state thinking how can I get rid of this turkey without any surgery, well here is the best of the best.

Our therapists will definitely recommend our Alma Beauty Reform™ Laser (Skin tightening Radio frequency technology). This amazing treatment will give you results from the first treatment session you have done. By using Radio Frequency, it will first heat up the area and after we have heated the area to 39°C, this will help stimulate your collagen and elastin production in your skin and works from deep within the skin. As home care they will recommend drinking plenty of water and a Nimue Skin Refirmer Moisturizer or Lamelle Dermaheal Daily Cellular Repair Cream to maintain this amazing result and even bettering it at home.

Follow these amazing treatments to ensure that your turkey neck will be a thing of the past and enjoy your selfies.

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