Ever feel like a Dalmatian or a Chameleon, with that uneven skin tone and you do not know how to even it out? Well worry no more because Glo Laser & Beauty is here to help you out.

Uneven skin tone is when you have an overproduction of melanin on certain areas of your skin giving the result of dark patches on your skin, this may be due to over exposure to the sun, when you are exposed to sun over a long period of time without any sun protection, your skin begins to over produce melanin and this will leave you with an uneven skin tone. Hormones can also cause uneven skin tone, when you have an over stimulation of hormones mainly when you are pregnant or taking contraceptives your skin may develop a dark patch known as a pregnancy mask. Using perfumes directly on your skin can also create an uneven skin tone, after an injury to your skin this may develop dark marks known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Treatment for uneven skin tone can be a breeze when you visit us at Glo Laser & Beauty, our trained therapists will recommend the Beta chemical peels which will help to even out your skin tone, you will need about 6 treatments which can be done every two weeks and for homecare they will recommend the Luminesce range from Lamelle, this range is specially formulated to even out your skin tone as well as prevent any pigmentation from forming again.  They will also recommend the Lamelle Brighter Concentrate, this serum can be used as a post treatment to help prepare your skin for the chemical peels and also as an added treatment with your products for a more effective treatment. Our Nimue Range will recommend the Day Fader and Night Fader which will help to reduce the pigmentation and even out your skin tone, they will also recommend the Night Fader Plus after you have used the Night Fader for a while which will help to lighten the pigmentation on your skin.

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