Crow’s feet are fine lines and wrinkles found at the corners of your eyes, they are called crow’s feet because they resemble bird’s feet. They may first start to develop as shallow fine lines and may get deeper as you grow older. Crow’s feet are the first signs of ageing and start to develop in your mid 20’s.

Crow’s feet develop just the same as wrinkles but there are other factors that play a role. Hormonal changes such as going through menopause because the skin becomes more fragile and thin and this causes wrinkles to develop. Loss in collagen fibers around the eyes, when the collagen fibers around the eye area starts to weaken then the skin can’t hold its true form and lines form, repetitive movements such as squinting and frowning will result in crow’s feet forming and prolonged sun exposure will result in lines forming because the UV rays weaken the collagen around the eyes.

We at Glo will give you the best treatment and homecare to help treat and prevent Crow’s feet from forming and becoming worse. Our instore treatment is the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment which will be done around the eyes. This treatment can be done every two weeks for the best results. It will help to tighten the skin around the eyes by stimulating collagen production, resulting in thicker and stronger skin with a youthful glow and texture.

For homecare we can offer a wide range of eye products to treat those unwanted wrinkles around your eyes. The Lamelle Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Eye Cream, this fantastic cream will help to re-model the skin around the eyes and firm it up, we will also recommend the Lamelle Nourish Revitalise Eye Cream, it helps reduce any puffiness around the eyes and also firms and plumps the skin around the eyes and smoothes out the crow’s feet. From our Nimue Range the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is amazing, it will help to plump up those crow’s lines, we can also recommend the Nimue Eye Serum, this treatment serum helps to reduce any puffiness and wrinkles and evens out the skin texture around your eyes.


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