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So Christmas is around the corner, you got your Michael Bublé Christmas album, you’ve got your ugly Christmas sweater ready, you are ready to gain 4kgs in one Christmas dinner and you are ready to pretend to like your mother’s Christmas fruit cake (bleh). But there is one thing you are dreading….gifts.

So here are some do’s and don’ts to remember when buying Christmas gifts for your girlfriend/bestie/mother/sister/wife:


1.Buy her socks

Trust us on this one. You might think: “But she loves shoes, so why wouldn’t she love socks?” To this, we answer: “Abort mission, I repeat abort mission!” And in the rare case that she really really really wants socks, we guess our best recommendation would be a nice pair of happy socks


2.Buy her chocolates

So usually chocolates get you out of trouble, but in this case, it might just get you into it. Don’t buy her loads of chocolates for Christmas, if she loves it that much you can buy her favourite chocolate along with something a lot less boring and predictable.


3.Buy her bath-stuff

When in doubt, don’t buy her bath salt. She has plenty of bath salt hoarded somewhere in her bathroom that she accumulated since her 13th birthday. The only acceptable bath-stuff this Christmas are those cool bath bombs from Lush, now those bad boys are cool.  


4.Buy her kitchen appliances.

Unless you would like to be thrown with a spatula. We are just looking out for you man.




1.Buy her perfume


A girl can never have too much perfume. It is, however, important to observe what kind of perfume she does like eg. if she likes sweet fruity scents, she might also like DKNY perfume. If she likes a more subtle romantic smell you can look at Dior Poison.

2.Buy her something sustainable



Any woman loves something that will last forever. Something like a leather makeup bag from Antelo, a nice FOM watch or just some sweet jewellery from ZA Kreated will really score you some major brownie points.

3.Buy her beauty treatments



So 2017 is almost over, so you know what this means. 3 words: New. Years. Resolutions. This is the exact time every woman swears that in 2018 they will be the best version of themselves.

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