6 Glo Beauty Resolutions

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Okay, so we know how it goes. You set your new year’s resolutions like this: “ This year I will eat healthy, drink less alcohol, stay away from drama and spend more time outdoors”

Fast forward 5 days later you find yourself in your bed with a glass of wine and a McFeast deluxe meal, fighting with someone in the comments section of Kylie Jenners latest Instagram post.

It happens to the best of us, girl. So we will save you the disappointment. Here are a few realistic beauty resolutions that Glo Laser & Beauty can make possible for you.


1. Be Hair-free by December ‘18

Sounds like a dream right? With Glo Laser & Beauty this is totally possible. With our amazing award winning Soprano Ice laser, we guarantee you the best laser hair removal treatment a girl can dream of in just 6-12 sessions. 


2. Clear, vibrant and even skin tone

Applying foundation every…single…morning is just the most tedious thing ever. Trust us to cut out that part of your morning routine by getting some amazing facial treatments specifically targeted to help you get the most amazing skin all year long.


3. Say goodbye to cellulite

That super delicious Christmas dinner takes its toll on your body. Sometimes it’s just way too busy to hit the gym. Our amazing skin tightening treatments will get you back in shape in no time.


4. Take a permanent vacation from your pigmentation

Unwanted spots are a thing of the past with our pigmentation treatments at our Dainfern Square branch. We will give your 2018 confidence a much-needed boost.


5. Get in shape …. Your eyebrows off course

Get those eyebrows in the best shape they have ever been. Our therapists will get your eyebrows on fleek in no time with our awesome threading treatments.


6. Get rid of stretch marks

You don’t have to apply some oil on your stretch marks every day for the next 13 years to see a slight reduction. Instead, you can visit us to do treatments that remove stretch marks for good


We love to hear success stories when it comes to new year’s resolutions, especially when we had a part in it. Trust Glo Laser and Beauty to be with you every step of the way in ticking off those beauty resolutions for 2018.

Visit us in store or see our website for the details on our treatments.

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