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5 Laser Hair Removal FAQ's : Answered

Lasers can be scary, we know. But we can assure you that these lasers are nothing like the ones on Star Wars. Our Alma Lasers has won the international aesthetics award in 2015 & 2016.The Soprano Diode Laseris intended for the removal of unwanted hair and to effect stable long-term hair reductions.
So here we answer 5 of the most common questions about laser hair removal
Q 1: Does it hurt?
A 1: This is a virtually painless treatment. Some clients describe the sensation as stinging while others liken it to a burning sensation. So on a scale from 1 to stepping on a lego with bare feet, we’d say it would be a solid one and a half-ish.
Q 2: How many sessions will I have before I see results
A 2: Every person has a different experience. An average number of6-12 sessions has proven to yield the best results depending on the client. After each treatment, you will see an approximate 14% - 17% improvement from your previous session.
Your hormones may affect the effectiveness of the treatments but generally after 6 -12 sessions clients come in looking like Chewbacca and leave looking like a sphynx cat.
Q3: How much will it cost?
Most popular areas:
  • Upper lip – *R280 per session
  • Chin – *R280 per session
  • Hollywood extended -  *R1150 per session
  • Underarms – *R550 per session
Discounts on packages:
  • 10% off a course of 5
  • 20% off a course of 8
*Please note that these prices are subject to increase or decrease at any given time.

Q4: How often do you have to go back?
Small areas – every 4-6 weeks
Big areas – every 6-8 weeks
Q5: Are you meant to shave/wax while/prior to getting the treatment
Yep, you need to shave the area prior to the treatment. Please take note: Waxing and plucking is to be STOPPED 3 weeks before treatment.
So ditch those scary sci-fi movie associations with lasers and trust us! They are safe, effective and virtually painless.
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