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Beauty and relaxation from head to toe presented by GLO Laser and Beauty in Pretoria.

Aesthetic Awards Winner 2015, GLO Laser and Beauty have a team of beauty and massage therapists dedicated to providing you with a relaxed and stylish environment in which to offer you head to toe beauty and wellness, celebrating inner and outer beauty in an atmosphere of diversity and laughter.
Our clients are each treated as the individuals that they are, paying careful attention to the various health and beauty issues they may wish to target with the expert assistance from our team.  We want our clients to leave with a glow, no matter what the treatment is that has been provided.
A regular facial is essential to keep your skin glowing and to remove dead cells that create the appearance of dull skin, so that no matter what your age is, our GLO beauty therapist will take you through the heavenly skin refreshing ritual of deep cleansing, massage, extraction, steam and facial masks to bring out the radiance of your skin.
Clients who have been struggling with stretch marks and acne, or the scarring left by it will benefit greatly from our MicoPeel™ or Microneedling treatments to reduce the texture and appearance of scars. If you are interested in the most innovative non-invasive techniques to assist with body or facial contouring, GLO uses only the very best in technology to produce maximum results.  We believe that everyone deserves to step out of their door every day with confidence and we love what we do to contribute towards that confidence.
If you have reached the end of your tether in trying to deal with unsightly hair which affects your confidence levels, GLO Laser and Beauty has the perfect solution with The Soprano Ice, the latest in Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal.  This is revolutionary laser hair removal at its very best, making appointments for your treatment a pleasure rather than an ordeal to face.
The GLO team know exactly how to provide you with an outcome-based massage which will target the specific areas that are causing you problems, using clinically proven Lillian Terry homeopathic and aromatherapy oils to alleviate stress and anxiety, target lower back pain and tension headaches as well as to reduce the symptoms of depression and a host of other problems such as high blood pressure and the drainage of lymphatic glands.  Make your GLO massage a regular part of your life to take your general well being up another notch!
Using our product of choice for face care, Lamelle, the GLO team of beauty therapists will guide you expertly towards the best treatment for specific problem areas such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring, all of which is designed to bring out the glow in you.
Reflexology is another important area that our highly trained team at GLO focuses on, aimed at using techniques such as pressure point massages to the feet in order to re-balance your mind and body by improving blood circulation, as well as reducing toxins via the lymphatic system, restoring an overall balance to your health.
Contact your friendly team at GLO Laser and Beauty to get started on well-deserved beauty and relaxation treatments from head to toe!

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