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Choose pain-free laser hair removal and throw razors, depilatory creams and waxing out the window!

Although there are many forms of hair removal that will work in the short to medium term, most of them have negative side effects that will naturally build up over a period of time, however with the advantages that technology is able to provide now, hair removal has moved into another dimension with the arrival of The Soprano Ice, designed to change the future with pain-free laser hair removal.
The Soprano Ice is designed to cause no damage to the skin, either in the short or long term, such as would be experienced with repeated waxing which can lead to irritation of the skin as well as a loss of elasticity, or the use of harmful chemicals that are found in depilatory creams.  As we become more aware of the damage that the excessive use of chemicals on our skin which build up and are absorbed into tissue, most women have started looking for healthier and more permanent solutions to hair removal.
GLO Laser and Beauty have found the perfect laser treatment in The Soprano Ice, which is the first laser in South Africa to work effectively on all skin types, so that even the most sensitive skin will find the experience virtually pain free.
Choosing to venture into the world of laser hair removal is pretty daunting to the inexperienced, if you have heard horror stories about how painful it was when your friend had hers done, the team at GLO can truly empathise, but you can trust that whatever her experience was, it was definitely not the right laser treatment and The Soprano Ice is proof in the pudding that laser hair removal can be pain-free.
Perhaps you think that laser hair removal too expensive, but if you consider that coming into our welcoming atmosphere for the amount of sessions that would be required to leave you hair-free will be an investment in the future that you will not regret, leaving you free to chuck razors, depilatory creams and waxing for good!  Why not give our team a call and we will introduce you to the GLO Laser and Beauty experience with pleasure!

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