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Does laser hair removal really work in the long term?

Laser hair removal is definitely more expensive than the short-term remedies like razors, depilatory creams, waxes and tweezers, but infinitely less frustrating and long lasting.
Most of us would really rather be done with shaving in the morning, only to feel the stubble growing back by mid-afternoon, but many shy away from laser hair removal due to the costs involved.
In terms of costs, if you’ve got a really great laser hair removal clinic like Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria, you’ll be in the pound seats.
These expert consultants are using breakthrough revolutionary technology in the form of The Soprano Ice, and, with great packages that contain no hidden costs, have made laser hair removal far more accessible to everyone.
To answer the question of whether laser hair removal really works in the long run, let’s look at:
  • How it works
The light that’s absorbed by the pigment in hair under the laser damages the hair follicle, and as a result, the hair growth centre is damaged, which means it can no longer grow.
  • What about the resting and growth period of hair
All hair goes through what’s known as a resting and growth period, which is why it will mean that you’d have to complete between 8 to 12 treatments for maximum benefit, making sure that hair not caught in its resting period can be targeted later.
  • Is it really permanent
Laser hair removal is as permanent as could be hoped for in terms of hair removal. But to be realistic, you need to accept that because of the growth cycle above, there may be a tiny percentage of hairs that grow back, but with around 90% gone, permanently, who cares!
  • The pain level of laser hair removal
Laser hair removal performed by the team at Glo is virtually pain-free. No one has perfected a laser hair removal system yet that doesn’t involve at least a gentle pinch, but The Soprano Ice gets as close to perfect in this area.
  • Going into the sun after treatment
Don’t! And don’t use self-tanning lotion either.  Sun, sea and swimming pools are out, for at least a week after a treatment.  It’s not about danger but rather comfort, as these factors can lead to skin irritation and burning.
  • Getting back to business after treatment
One of the many awesome factors of laser hair removal is the fact that the sessions are quick, that is if it’s for smaller areas, and without any pain to hold you back, you’ll be back out doing your thing immediately after treatment.
  • Why choose Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic
Well, they’re experts.  Laser hair removal in the wrong hands can cause hyperpigmentation, scarring or blisters.
The beauty consultants at Glo are experienced professionals who know how to make sure that each treatment is perfectly tailored for treating different skin types and hair colouring.
So yes ….. it works in the long-term!
Contact Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria today to set up a free skin consultation that’ll set you on the road to a hair-free future!

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