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Acne scarring GLO has a solution for it all!

As women, we more often than not allow the appearance of our skin, especially when left with any scarring, including acne scarring, to define us, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
Things have changed so much in the area of skin care that there is always an answer to any skin condition now days, from struggling with acne to its scarring, aging, hair removal treatments and so much more, all of it designed to lift our spirits, confidence levels and general well-being.
There is no doubt that when we have had a treat such as a facial or the time taken to chip away at scars, without pain, it’s as good as a holiday, without the expense or having to pack, and if anyone can do it the right way, it’s the team of beauty therapists at Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria and Johannesburg!
Glo started out by introducing a new level of skin treatments in Pretoria almost three years ago, but it wasn’t long before clients started spreading the word about the special world of beauty brought by Glo Laser & Beauty, and a new salon followed within a year in Johannesburg, born out of the demand that grew out of the excellence that the Glo team brought to all they do!
Of course, Glo is not just for the ladies, men have started their own revolution in skincare, joining the ladies in looking after skin and nails, as well as going for the very effective, pain-free laser hair removal treatment offered at Glo – sorry guys, but we know you don’t like too much pain in areas the ladies are used to, making The Soprano Ice laser hair removal system just the thing for you!
And, it’s not just the female gender that struggles with acne scarring and other forms of scarring, many guys also form part of the Glo family for acne scarring treatment that actually does work, making a real difference to the appearance of these scars.
Glo Laser & Beauty has based all their skin treatments on the principal that skincare doesn’t have to be painful just to be effective, offering everything they can in the way of non-invasive treatments that range from laser hair removal to facial and body contouring.
Everybody is different, which means that the passionate team at Glo first spends a time with each client to find out more about how to treat any skin condition that is causing problems, or working out exactly what to do about varying degrees of acne scarring, depending on skin texture and other factors.
Scars are different from person to person, while things like genetics, age and skin type, among other issues to be taken into consideration. The point at Glo Laser & Beauty is that irrespective of all these factors or the size of the area that is scarred, they will find a way to change the appearance of your scars!
These exceptional beauty therapists are highly trained and passionate about making sure that each client receives the individual attention they deserve in a comfortable, inviting and happy environment – when people do what they love, they do it well, and that is exactly what happens at Glo Laser & Beauty!
Trust your acne scars to Glo, or any other skin condition that needs a little assistance, and feel the difference it makes to the way you see yourself; this team has the experience and training to find the solution to suit your level of scarring, or simply to enjoy your own island of relaxation for a little while!

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