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Sometimes we need a little help in the right direction to know how to look after our specific skin type or skin condition, and Glo Laser & Beauty has a team passionate enough about what they do to make sure that not only do we get the best skin treatment in Pretoria in the salon, but that we will also know exactly which of the Lamelle or Nimue beauty products will continue the treatment at home!
Because as women we go through hormonal changes brought about by moving from age to age, pregnancy, medications and a host of other reasons, our skin has a bad habit of bringing these changes to our skin texture and appearance, affecting us all differently!
Naturally, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, and lathering it in sun protection cream (especially in sunny South Africa!), the less skin issues you will experience later on in life, however, many of us simply go from day to day without noticing anything until those first fine lines, pigmentation or a neck threatening to go ‘turkey’ start showing, and then we head for the panic button!
Ultimately though, we are really lucky that those who have chosen a career in beauty are passionate enough about it to make sure that they have the experience and knowledge that can make early or late skin treatments a whole lot easier to deal with, whether it’s to treat acne, pigmentation, sore, stressed out muscles or to remove hair the easy way with pain-free laser hair removal!
The treatments mentioned here by no means represent the full scope of what the team at Glo Laser & Beauty have up their sleeves, anything from a simple facial to body or facial contouring, as well as treatments that address acne scarring or stretch marks, are all just the tip of the ice-berg where it comes to what Glo can do to make any client float out of the door feeling light enough to walk on clouds – the happy type!
Imagine having a 15 to 20 minute session between 8 to 12 times to have your irritating facial hair, bikini line, under arms or legs removed, without the pain, and then being able to leave without any visible signs of treatment; except that you can see an immediate difference, and know you never have to worry about regrowth again!
Glo does this with the help of The Soprano Ice, a pain-free laser hair removal treatment that has revolutionised hair removal for men and women, it’s about the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Chemical peels and hand peels are perfect for rectifying damage to skin, as well as giving it the glow of renewal, and although it may sound daunting, it is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime and shows amazing results!
Chemical peels are a great solution for a great many skin conditions, from improving skin tone and texture, removing damaged skin and allowing new skin to grow - which is something we can all do with whenever skin needs a little extra love and care!  These chemical peels are also great for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne and are a super route to caring for ageing skin!
Give yourself the lift you deserve and let the team at Glo treat you to their own special brand of beauty magic that will exceed your highest expectations in their super-relaxed salon, designed to be an environment for the sheer celebration of inner and outer beauty!

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