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Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve had enough of shaving, waxing, plucking or bleaching, and you’re looking for a permanent solution to hair removal, laser hair removal is for you. It’s a highly effective way to put a complete stop to the battle against hair regrowth, and it can be performed anywhere on your face and body, including your upper lip, underarms, arms, legs and bikini line. Laser hair removal is also popular with men, who commonly use it for getting rid of facial hair, as well as hair on the back and chest.
The Soprano Ice offers “Pain-Free, Hair-Free™” Laser Hair Removal treatment. Glo Laser & Beauty can now liberate you from daily shaving and tedious plucking. The breakthrough, revolutionary technology has been described as one of the most comfortable hair removal options available.

How it all works

Laser hair removal treatments reduce unwanted hair from anywhere on your face or body. Laser hair removal works by passing light through the skin into the hair follicle, destroying the cells so that they’re no longer able to produce hair. After each treatment, you’ll notice a reduction in the amount of hair growing back, until hair regrowth ceases altogether.

Post-Treatment Do's & Don'ts

After your Laser Hair Removal treatment with Glo went smooth, you should take note of a few things you should and should not do going forward.

1. Make-Up

Makeup may be applied on the day following treatment unless blistering or crusts develop. Since the skin is sensitive during this period, take special care while removing makeup to avoid damage to the skin, which can predispose the site to infection.

2. Sunscreen (30+ SPF)

Clients should apply high-factor sun protection (SPF 30+), and protect the treated area from exposure to direct sunlight for at least one month post-treatment.

3. Tanning

Do not tan as tanning after treatment sessions may enhance melanin regeneration, which may result in hyper-pigmentation. If you did tan between your sessions with us, please let your therapist know so she can re-look your settings to prevent treatment discomfort.

4. Rough Sports

Clients should not participate in rough sports or similar activities for several days following the treatment, until the skin returns to its normal condition.

5. Hot Baths

Care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated area for the first four to five days following the treatment: avoid hot baths, aerobic exercise, massage, etc.

6. Chemical Peels & Facials

If you've had a Laser Hair Removal treatment on your face - please be advised to not have a facial or chemical peel for at least the first week after your treatment. Your skin will still be sensitive and therefore should be avoided.

So now what?

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