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High quality skincare products at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic!

If you are looking for a beauty salon in Pretoria that offers you everything you could possibly need for skin care and repair, and so much more, then Glo Laser & Beauty is definitely the place for you! products
With an impressive, broad spectrum of beauty treatments that range from pain-free laser hair removal to results-driven acne treatment, along with body and face contouring, Glo Laser & Beauty is oriented towards ensuring that each client has everything they need to become a member of the Glo family!
It’s not just the revolutionary technology brought by the use of The Soprano Ice pain-free laser hair removal system that is on offer at Glo Laser & Beauty that makes hair removal safe, this team also imports the vegan friendly Adam and Eve, which is a resin based product that removes hair from the follicle, to give clients up to six weeks of freedom from unsightly hair, and a real bonus to this product from Australia is that it is not tested on animals!
The team at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic have adopted the clinically tested and proven Lamelle range of beauty products to assist them in offering clients only the best in skincare, and added the Nimue range of skincare products to the mix, both of which are interactive ranges that work hand in glove to produce the best results for each skin type.
High quality products and individual care reign supreme at Glo Laser & Beauty, this team is passionate about doing the best for their clients in order to deliver results that excel all expectations, making it an absolute pleasure to lie back and relax while you place your skincare in the hands of true professionals!
Not only do you receive the best in-salon treatment from your beauty therapist at Glo, you will also go home with the perfect skincare regime created around superb products which maintain the health and glow of your skin long after you have left the salon!
Acne scar removal, pigmentation treatments and the removal of stretch marks also rank at the top of the list of treatments offered by the innovative team at Glo!
Right from your first consultation with your beauty consultant and the resulting skin analysis, through to the treatment you choose based on expert guidance, you will feel completely comfortable and at home in an environment that celebrates beauty, inside and out.
Non-invasive skin treatments offer women skin that has a new lease on life without surgery, tightening the skin and loose skin around the neck, often referred to as a ‘turkey neck’ – something all of us can do without, especially as we age!
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic recently introduced the Cleopatra Glo, offering a complete facial rejuvenation, which is carried out using micro needling treatment done by The Alma Beauty Reboost, which is a fabulously intensive treatment designed to tighten skin, stimulate collagen and elastin production!
The Cleopatra Glo is an intense treatment for an aging neck, and using the combination of a pixel pen, micro needling and ultrasound offer the deepest penetration of the active ingredients in The Alma Beauty Reboost, leaving the skin looking beautifully healthy and smooth.
There are many more reasons to make Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic your favourite home of health and beauty, and if you would like to know more about the head to toe treatment range you can expect from this passionate team, then go ahead, give them a call and spoil yourself with the treatment of your choice!

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