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How tired are you of unwanted hair?

Getting rid of unwanted hair goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians.  They were a nation that celebrated vanity in every way, and this started with having a body and face that was virtually hairless.
It wasn’t just the removal of facial and body hair that they were fanatic about, it went to the extreme in that the women went as far as to remove even the hair on their head!
This must have been extremely painful if you consider that they used tweezers made from seashells and pumice stones, and then later moved to using beeswax.
No doubt you’d rather keep all the unwanted hair on your body and face rather than face torture like this! What’s great for us is that we’ve come so far that even razors and tweezers are on their way out, giving way to pain-free laser hair removal.
This has been great news for those of us who have so much unwanted hair that it’s an exhausting ritual to get rid of it, whether it’s by shaving, plucking, waxing or bleaching.
Pain-free laser hair removal in Pretoria is an affordable option that’ll leave you hair free after just a few sessions that don’t leave you with rashes or painful ingrown hairs.
Glo Laser & Beauty offers affordable packages that can be shared with friends and family, besides which, this generous team loves throwing a few specials every now and then just to make the sessions extra light on the budget!
The Soprano Ice is the laser hair removal system of choice at Glo, and the latest technology used to work its magic has revolutionised laser hair removal in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
How does The Soprano Ice Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal System Work?
Here’s the simple, no-frills answer:
Light passes through your skin right into the hair follicle, which targets the destruction hair producing cells to leave you permanently hair free.
The conclusion of each treatment will be a delight as you find that the amount of hair growing back is completely reduced. By the time you have completed up to eight sessions, you can look forward to complete freedom from hair regrowth.
Where laser hair removal works for –
The Soprano Ice is so advanced that hair can be removed from sensitive areas such as on your face, under your arms and your bikini line, without any negative effects or any visible signs that you’ve even had a session.
It’s a no-brainer that unwanted hair anywhere else on your body is going to be equally successful and pain-free.
Men are also celebrating pain-free laser hair removal! They’re just as sick and tired of the razor as the ladies are. The amount of men who want unwanted hair removed from their face or body without having to wax or shave is increasing, and if we don’t watch out, they’ll overtake the ladies!
So, how about it!
All you need is to book your pain-free laser hair removal session with the team at Glo, spend anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes relaxing in comfort and then walk back into your day without any sign that you’re working at never having to worry about unwanted hair again!

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