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Innovative beauty solutions from GLO Laser and Beauty are designed to bring out the best in your skin.

With the variety of beauty solutions we offer at GLO Laser and Beauty you will not need to go anywhere else to find the right treatment, whether it is deep cleansing, massage, extraction, steam and facial masks, whatever you choose will leave your skin glowing visibly when you step out of our door.
Our product of choice is Lamelle, and this premium product offers a wide range of scientifically proven products with which to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation, this is product superiority and expertise combined to bring out the best in your skin.
GLO anti-ageing treatments include passing a safe Near Infrared Light through the surface of your skin which heats up the tissue under the surface of the skin, tightening the skin laxity and improving the skin architecture.
The team at GLO use innovative Radio Frequency technology from Alma Lasers in order to offer you body contouring that will give shape to a specific area of the body as well as enhancing your body shape.  The same innovative technology from Alma Lasers is used to give shape to areas on the face as well as enhance the facial structure, offering you results we know you will like.
GLO Laser and Beauty are here to make a difference to those who have suffered through acne and now bear the scars, by reducing the appearance of the acne scarring with the use of either our MicroPeel™ or Microneedling treatments, which our team also uses to reduce the appearance and texture of scar texture, offering you the confidence you deserve.  If you are struggling with stretch marks, the GLO team offers you the same combination of radio frequency and microdermabrasion that our MicroPeel treatment provides as the perfect solution to stretch marks.
Painless hair removal from anywhere on your face or body, including your upper lip, underarms or bikini line has become a reality with our use of The Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment, a breakthrough, revolutionary technology that makes shaving, waxing and plucking a thing of the past.
GLO Laser and Beauty offers affordable laser hair removal package plans that contain no hidden costs, which can be shared with friends and family, offering a pain-free session that will have you in and out in as little as five minutes.
Whether you are planning on saying goodbye to rashes and shaving, changing the appearance and health of your skin or looking for fab manicures and pedicures, as the Aesthetic Awards Winner 2015, GLO Laser and beauty will offer you the very best in beauty solutions.

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