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45 minutes to an hour a month is what every woman and man deserves if a glowing skin is important to them, and GLO Laser and Beauty has a facial to suit every skin type, using Lamelle beauty treatment products, which is their range of choice. Lamelle produces a wide range of highly effective scientifically proven products that target fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring, and enjoying your facial in an environment that celebrates inner and outer beauty in comfort and relaxation is something each of us can do with in our hectic day to day schedules, without a doubt!
Treat yourself and your skin to any one of the variety of solutions GLO Laser and Beauty uses to leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing, from deep cleansing to stimulation massage, extraction and facial masks to bring out all the unhealthy deposits that living in a polluted environment produce.
Another treat which is something you really owe yourself in the stressful, fast-paced world we live in, with hectic schedules that demand we are at our best on a continual basis, is a massage which targets any problems you may be experiencing due to stress.
GLO Laser and Beauty uses only the best in homeopathy and aromatherapy oils by world renowned Lilian Terry International, determined to provide the most effective outcome-based massage you could possibly hope for, created to leave you completely renewed and revitalised, ready to take on the next set of challenges easily.
The benefits of a GLO Laser and Beauty massage include improved blood circulation, an increase of oxygen supply to body tissue, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of the immune system, which is something we can all do with, and best of all, a GLO Laser and Beauty massage creates a powerful anti-aging effect.
In addition to all these lovely treats that should become a part of your monthly date with yourself at the hands of the GLO Laser and Beauty team, start your journey to the latest in pain-free laser hair removal with The Soprano Ice or visit their pamper bar for a heavenly manicure or pedicure.
Go on, treat and reward yourself with all the delights in store for you at GLO Laser and Beauty.

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