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One roof, many beauty & skin treatments!

Bring all your skin problems to the beauty therapists at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria and let them get to work on any issue you may have that’s affecting your confidence.
How many beauty treatments will you find at Glo in under one beautiful, comfortable and bright beauty salon in Pretoria?
Well, they’re too numerous to get to in the lines on this page, but let’s try a few of them here:
Pain-free Laser Hair Removal:
Using the Soprano Ice system, Glo has refined laser hair removal down to a fine art. This is laser hair removal for ladies and men, after all, it’s not just the ladies who battle with unwanted hair - guys also want to throw those razors away!
For guys who’re tired of the hair on backs, chest and chin, the revolutionary technology that drives the Soprano Ice system is a perfect fit.
Ladies can target and get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body it bothers them most, leaving them hair free forever after just a few quick and painless sessions.
Be gone ‘Turkey’ Neck:
Non-surgical skin tightening treatments in the hands of the beauty therapists at Glo is the answer for anyone who’s tired of loose skin taking up residence under the chin as aging progresses.
These treatments are also great for anyone that’s gone to the trouble of losing a lot of weight and is left with loose skin. Don’t go under the knife without giving Glo Laser & Beauty first shot at your turkey neck!
Wipe away fine lines & wrinkles:
None of us is happy about the first time we notice fine lines starting to take hold on smooth skin. It’s natural to feel that way, but if there’s a healthy, non-surgical treatment that’ll change the way fine lines and wrinkles look, why not give yourself the boost of glowing skin!
After consultation with your Glo beauty therapist, you’ll know exactly what can be done to plump up and smooth your skin so that the next time you look in the mirror, you’ll feel a whole lot better.
Shoo away Acne Scarring:
By the time anyone is battling with acne scarring, the painful experience of surviving acne with any confidence is already passed, but why suffer the scars left in its wake?
Today we have treatments that can really make a difference to the appearance of acne scarring, leaving many a woman feeling great again.
Relieving and changing the appearance of acne scarring is what the team at Glo Laser & Beauty is also passionate about. These ladies love what they’re doing and will go to any lengths to give you back the glowing skin you deserve!
They’ll introduce you to The Cleopatra Glo, Lamelle Dermaroller and Lamelle Pigmentation Chemical Peel experience, all in an effort to change the appearance of any scars, stimulating the skin’s natural collagen elastin.
Check out the Glo Laser & Beauty A-Z list of beauty treatments to tag the one you’re looking for and get going on the solution today! You deserve it!

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