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Prepare yourself for summer 2018 with beauty treatments from the family at GLO!

  • by admin
  • 3 min read
Are your feet ready for your favourite sandals after a winter hidden away in boots and layers of socks?  Are your hands ready to glow along with your tootsies? What about the pesky hair you want to get rid of without pain or struggle?
Do you want to wear minimal makeup this summer?
Would you like to freshen up and change the appearance of cellulite before you even consider putting your costume on and venturing into the sun and water?
Are there contours on your face and body that you'd like to plump up in preparation for enjoying summer with renewed confidence? And how about a body wrap to trim those winter kilos off?
If any of these questions are hovering around in your mind as spring peeks out of the clouds of winter, then the fabulous family at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria has all the answers.
The passionate team of beauty therapists at Glo are ready to share their experience with you, to make sure you're comfortable throughout your time with them, and to leave you satisfied with any treatment received at their hands.
When someone does what they love it's never a drudge, and you can be absolutely certain that this is what the team at GLO feel about what they can do for you.
In short, what can Glo offer to prepare you for a fab summer of 2018?
Let's stick to basic answers to a few of the questions above, the ones that are bothering you in the run-up to summer:
Hands & Feet:
The pamper bar is just the place for you to enjoy awesome pedicures and manicures, and have fun doing it!  Add gels and your favourite colour of nail varnish to give new life to hands and feet that have made it through a cold winter!
Hair removal:
Forget about razors, tweezers and depilatory creams! Do permanent hair removal at the hands of the team at Glo, the pain-free way.  Pain-free laser hair removal in Pretoria has never looked as attractive as it does at Glo!  A few quick, pain-free sessions using The Soprano Ice system will make sure you never remove hair in any other way!  From your face to bikini line and legs, pain-free laser hair removal has revolutionised hair removal.
If you aren't ready for laser hair removal, it's okay. Glo uses only the best waxing products available today.  Fine ingredients, a rainbow of colours, vegan-friendly and not tested on animals makes the Adam & Eve range of waxing products truly exceptional.
Facial & Body Contouring:
Yep, you've got it! It's all available at Glo Laser & Beauty.  This team has all the answers to facial and body contouring that takes the non-invasive route to revealing beautiful contours.
Change the way you feel about the cellulite you see in the mirror with these non-invasive treatments!
Permanent Make-up:
If you're into the natural look for summer permanent brows, eyeliner and full lips will keep you looking gorgeous. With permanent make-up you don't need to worry about your makeup running down your face after a swim.  All you have to do for a night out on the town is to add a little more to your natural look to feel absolutely at home, no matter where you go.
Contact the team at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria today to make a booking for a free consultation and let the 'GLO' experience give you the best beauty start to summer 2018!

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