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Laser hair removal

Hormone treatment, giving birth to your beautiful babies or just plain heredity, there are a myriad of reasons that many of us feel like extra-hairy gorillas (without any mist to hide behind!), which drives us up the wall in our eternal search for perfectly smooth, hair-free skin!
The search for smooth, hair-free skin has been a long and painful journey, stretching back as far as ancient Egypt! Egyptian women (and men) were definitely the first to turn makeup into an art form, but their methods of hair removal were painful exercises that included, believe it or not, seashell tweezers and pumice stones – you know, the ones we use now to get rid of hard skin on feet? Ouch a thousand times over!
Roman women suffered the same fate, except they took it to the extreme, removing hair from everywhere on the body as it was considered rather uncivilised to have any body hair, and their range of torturous hair removal methods included using flint!
We really need to send out a big thanks to Jean Jacques Perret for finally having the genius to invent the straight-edge razor, which was initially used solely by men, and then usurped by women in the late 1700’s!
This history lesson in hair removal through the ages is aimed at reminding ourselves of the sheer gratitude we should have for the magic of hair removal techniques like pain-free laser hair removal, depilatory creams, tweezers that are a darned side easier to use than the early seashell ones, and razors that have been beautifully designed for both sexes!
This would be the moment to breathe a sigh of relief for the visionaries who made smooth, hair-free skin pretty much a breeze in the 21st century!
We can also thank a man named King Camp (Really!) Gillette for his sheer genius in inventing the very first safety razor, which was the beginning of real innovation in hair removal with his thin, disposable blades, around 1880.
Naturally, since women were not even allowed to work or vote (that was still a long way away!), we had to wait until the 1900’s before Mr Gillette finally got around to inventing a razor designed specifically for women!  The 1900’s were also a period in which depilatory creams became more sophisticated and targeted at the feminine market.
Hair removal, especially for women, went through many stages as the years passed, but, believe it or not, the first attempt at laser hair removal started in the 1960’s but was quickly abandoned as a bad idea because of the damage it caused to the skin – oh, and the pain!!
Electrolysis took front and centre stage during the 70’s, and from there, the smaller bikini’s became, the more determined the quest for perfectly smooth skin became, and today, we have the awesomeness of pain-free laser hair removal to leave our skin completely hair-free for over a year at a time after just a few sessions!
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria and Johannesburg very proudly introduced The Soprano Ice to many very grateful clients who were more than ready for anything that would make hair removal as painless as possible!
The Soprano Ice offers the best of breakthrough, revolutionary technology designed to take the pain out of hair-removal, offer quick results and no downtime at all – you can literally pop in for a quick session with your favourite Glo Laser & Beauty therapist and leave without any visible signs of having had a laser hair removal treatment, except the good signs, which can be felt from the first session!
Men and women of the 21st century can now throw out the razors, the wax, tweezers and hair removal creams, depending of course on their personal choice, and enjoy the benefits of the centuries-long battle to refine hair removal tools and technology!
Contact the friendly team at Glo Laser & Beauty and take the easy way out to pain-free laser hair removal, and so much more that encompasses putting your best foot forward in terms of health and beauty, from the inside out!

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