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Thank your lucky stars hair removal has evolved beyond using a pumice stone!

And that’s no lie or exaggeration! Hair removal has a history as ancient as man, and it has been used in a myriad of ways across time, between ancient civilisations and their places on the world map.
The Mesopotamians
The Mesopotamians became one of the most advanced civilisations during the period around 3000 BC, and they also became the first civilisation that paid great attention to styling hair and beards through the use of metal hair fixtures, combs and other artefacts discovered by archaeologists. The focus for this conglomeration of nations such as Assyria, Babylon and Persia, was on facial hair.
All that’s been found from this time period in Mesopotamia in terms of what was used to remove unwanted hair are what appear to be tweezers made of clamshell, and a few different types of razors you’d rather not go into for the pain the thought it evokes!
The Egyptians
Fast forward a century later and we come to the first civilisation that considered a completely hairless body as the height of beauty, class and cleanliness.
To the upper class Egyptians, body hair symbolised the animalistic nature of man, which was diametrically opposed to their belief in the purity required to ascend to the Gods.
This perpetual race against the growth of body hair led to a life kept busy with hair removal procedures.
Razors made from bronze and copper were used to give as close a shave as possible (at least oil was applied before this started!), and then the most harrowing part began!
There is no doubt that after a shave with an ancient razor like this, the skin must be feeling more than just a little sensitive, but now it’s time for the pumice stone!
The pumice stone was used to rub off any stray bits of hair that may have been missed by the ‘razor’! And remember, we’re not just talking about facial hair here, we’re talking full body hair removal!!
If you’d lived back then and decided that this whole process was just too much for you, you would certainly not have been regarded as high class, in fact you’d be relegated to the ‘lower’ classes forthwith!
This is definitely not where a long history of frightening hair removal systems end, but there’s only so much pain one’s imagination should be subjected to!
Fast forward…
…to the 21st century and the arrival of The Soprano Ice Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Treatment, bringing pain-free laser hair removal to Pretoria and Johannesburg via Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic!
Surely the thought of being completely hair-free after 8 to 12 pain-free sessions sounds like heaven after this? And it’s not only pain-free laser hair removal, it’s also a system of hair removal that doesn’t take much time and shows visible results after each session.
The Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal system uses breakthrough technology to make hair removal comfortable, from your face to your legs, without leaving evidence that otherwise might make you hide out for a few days, before facing the world again!
Enjoy the benefits of our technologically advanced age and book your pain-free laser hair removal sessions with the team at Glo Laser & Beauty, today!

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