Ageing Reversal Neck Serum

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Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum has been specially developed with advanced Growth Factors and peptides to deliver unsurpassed tissue remodeling and dermal collagen integrity to the neck area. The skin of the neck is structurally different to the skin of the face and has unique ways in which it needs to be treated. Lamelle has created the Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum to powerfully stimulate collagen and elastin to address the changes of thinning skin, textural change and crepe-like structure and maintain a youthful contour.



Main ingredients: Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Acetyl Hexapeptide, Copper tri-peptide

Benefits: Addresses the changes of thinning skin, textural change and crepe-like structure, reducing the appearance of thinned neck skin that has lines and wrinkles. This serum will not remove lax skin or double chins.

Use: Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum can be applied twice daily to the neck and décolletage. Use in conjunction with in-office collagen stimulation treatments to optimise results.


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