Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum

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Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum is Lamelle’s flagship serum which is recommended for photoaged, photodamaged skin as a correctional treatment. Chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation produces a solar scar in
the dermis, which appears as a wrinkle line. To heal this scar and improve the appearance of
the wrinkle, powerful healing pathways (Growth Factors) in the skin are used. Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum is the most concentrated Growth Factor cocktail available that dramatically accelerates the remodeling of the dermis and epidermis to a greater extent than conventional cosmeceuticals or prescription medication.Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum will regenerate the skin
to reveal a younger, smoother and more
radiant skin.



Main ingredients: Epidermal Growth Factor IEGF), Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF), Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1), IDP5, Copper Tripeptide, Thiroedoxin

Benefits:Regenerate, repair and laser free skin remodelling of Photo-aged/ photo-damaged skin.

Use: Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum can be a applied once or twice daily using fingertips as desired. Only to be used on skin that has been properly introduced to topical Growth Factors.


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