Restore Cream

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Utilising patented lipid barrier technology, Serra Restore Cream thoroughly 
corrects deficient skin barrier function while leaving the skin smooth without a greasy after feel.Serra Restore Cream 
is the perfect accompaniment when existing moisturisers are not providing adequate hydration to the skin or when
 a problematic dry skin requires thorough barrier restoration. The addition of soothing Beta Glucan and Dexpanthenol reduce slight irritation and calm uncomfortable skin.



Main ingredients: Patented Ceramide-P, Dexpanthenol, Oat beta glucan extract, fragrance free, paraben free. The addition of soothing Beta Glucan and Dexpanthenol reduces irritation.

Benefits: Barrier replacement therapy, anti-itch effects, soothing effects

Use: Serra Restore Cream can be used twice daily


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