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Luminesce Travel Pack

Going on vacation doesn't mean your skincare has to! Keep your skin glowing with our pocket rocket travel pack.

Lamelle now offers its most comprehensive epidermal hyperpigmentation treatment program in a travel pack!

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This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • This is an ideal way to keep your products with you when you are away from home in an organized way. With this set of 4 x 10ml bottles, you can keep to your normal skincare regime as you would at home.

    The kit includes:

    Luminesce Brightening Cleanse: Lather the gel on wet hands and apply to the face and neck. Gently cleanse the area, rinse, and repeat if necessary. Use twice a day before applying Luminesce day or night products for optimal results.

    Luminesce Brighter Day: Clean the skin and then apply Luminesce Brighter Day to the face and neck once or twice daily. Follow this up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

    Luminesce Evening Glow: When the skin is clean, apply Luminesce evening glow to the face and neck. Evening Glow should not be used in the daytime, only at night. Follow this up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

    Luminesce Brightening Defense 30 should be applied to the face and neck 10 minutes before the sun exposure as part of the Luminesce skin brightening program. Repeated application is advised when spending time outside and after swimming.

    This range effectively addresses pigmentation by reducing melanin production.

    This is also the most convenient way for seasoned travellers to always look after their skin. The set aims to brighten the overall complexion and correct melasma at a DNA level. You will enjoy using the most technologically advanced hyperpigmentation programme, and your skin will thank you!