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5 Laser Hair Removal Facts

5 Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser hair removal first made its appearance in the mid-1990's. And it's been growing in popularity among women and men ever since.
There aren't many people who don't love the feeling of a clean shave but the hassle that comes along with regular hair removal, whether shaving, plucking or waxing, can be a big pain. Thankfully there are other more permanent hair removal solutions available at Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria.
Below are some things to consider before you opt for permanent hair removal
1. You need to shave
Yes, that's right. You need to shave the area that will be treated the night before or the morning of the treatment.
2. Stay out of the sun
Stay out of the sun for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment. You do not want to undergo laser treatment on sunburned skin.
3. It might hurt a little
The darker your skin and the thicker your hair, the more painful it will be. Also, we advise you book your appointments when you're not on your period since it might hurt even more. Take pain precautions in the form of an oral anti-inflammatory before your treatment.
4. You'll need more than one session
Most people require at least 6 sessions to achieve the desired results, sometimes even more. You will, however, start seeing a difference from the very first session. Keep in mind, sessions are scheduled for every 4-8 weeks. It's crucial that you stick to your schedule and don't push appointments back since the schedule is based on the hair growth cycle.
5. It will be worth every cent
Research shows that you'll get rid of at least 95% of your hair with permanent hair removal treatment. What's left will be very fine hair and barely visible.
While this is a permanent hair removal solution, some people might experience regrowth after a while and it is advised to do a maintenance treatment every few years should this happen.
Book your permanent hair removal treatment with Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria and never shave or wax again.

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