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Laser Hair Removal Pretoria

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light, the laser, to remove hair. During laser hair removal, the laser emits concentrated light that is absorbed by the pigment called melanin in the hair. 

The light energy is converted to heat in the hair, which then destroys the hair follicle that produce hair. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth and remove unwanted hair resulting in hair loss.

Using our award-winning diode laser technology, the Alma Beauty Remove Laser is able to treat every skin type in effectively removing hair with long-term hair reduction noticed after the first session.

Client receiving laser hair removal on the face

We are an advanced laser hair removal salon. We pride ourselves as being the best hair removal clinic in Pretoria and can reduce hair growth significantly. 

When it comes to removing hair, there are many hair removal methods and amazing technologies, however, our new generation Laser Hair Removal treatment has the unique feature of being pain-free (no numbing creams needed) and effective.

Our medical grade technologies have amazing results work on all skin types including lightest to darkest skins. 

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a free consultation with our highly professional and qualified therapists to discuss your treatment options and service.

Why do laser hair removal at Glo?

Glo Laser and Beauty is a skin clinic in Pretoria that has over 8 years’ experience in laser hair removal, having treated 10 000+ clients within South Africa in laser treatment alone we are continuously updating our knowledge and skills as the technology improves. 

By utilizing the Beauty Remove for our laser treatments, it ensures we can achieve the optimal results our clients want on all skin types, in a pain-free and comfortable manner. We take the health and safety of our clients as a number one priority, with us always looking to provide advice and choosing the best treatment for your skin needs. 

We offer free consultations to ensure that you are a suitable candidate and create a tailored plan for you with almost zero effects and risks involved. We believe getting a laser hair removal treatment should not be an intimidating experience. We can guarantee that you will feel at ease from the first moment you step into our salon. We have a very relaxed, informal, professional and comfortable vibe, making the experience all the more pleasant.


Dependent on the area being treated. 10min – 90min

Back to work



None, this is a non-invasive treatment


Zero downtime


Treatments are done 4 to 6 weeks apart


Course of 8-12 recommended for optimal results*

What does laser hair removal cost?

The costs of laser hair removal largely depend on the area being treated and technology used. It may seem expensive when compared to other form of hair removal methods, but the amount spent over a period of time and time throughout the day makes it the more effective investment in your time and energy.

Laser Hair Removal Pretoria Prices

Pop by in-store or WhatsApp to book your free consult or test patch with us.

10% Off when you purchase a course of 5 sessions.
20% Off when you purchase a course of 8,10 or 12 sessions.



Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment
Men's Single Treatment
Upper-Lip R280 R330
Chin R280 R330
Unibrow R280 R330
Top-Brow R280 R330
Shave Lines R280 R330
Forehead R300 R380
Sideburns R330 R360
Cheeks R350 R400
Neck (front) R400 R600
Beard (excl. neck) R600 R800
Full Beard (incl. neck) R700 R900
Full Head R1200 R1500
Full Face R1300 R1600


Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment 
Men's Single Treatment
Sides R550 R750
Sides & Top R650 R850
Brazilian (strip) R850 R1050
Brazilian Extended R950 R1150
Hollywood R1050 R1250
Hollywood Extended R1150 R1350
Extended Area Only R550 R650


Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment From
Men's Single Treatment 
Toes R280 R330
Feet (excl. toes) R290 R340
Feet (incl. toes) R300 R350
Half Leg upper (excl. knee) R1600 R1700
Half Leg lower (excl. knee) R1500 R1600
Half Leg upper (incl. knee) R1700 R1800
Half Leg lower  (incl. knee) R1600 R1700
3/4 Leg R2000 R2200
Full Leg R2800 R3200


Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment
Men's Single Treatment From
Neck R350 R400
Mini Lower Back R600 R800
Shoulders R650 R850
Half Back R1200 R1600
Full Back R1700 R1900
Buttocks R900 R900



Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment
Men's Single Treatment
Areola R150 R200
Belly Button Path R280 R330
Cleavage R280 R330
Stomach R900 R1300
Chest R900 R1300
Chest & Stomach R1700 R2500



Treatment Area
Ladies Single Treatment
Men's Single Treatment
Fingers R280 R330
Hands (incl. fingers) R300 R350
Underarms R550 R650
Half Arm (excl. elbow) R700 R1000
Half Upper (excl. elbow) R750 R950
Half Arm (incl. elbow) R900 R1200
3/4 Arm R1100 R1400
Full Arm R1500 R1800

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common question, does laser hair removal hurt?

It does not hurt; most of our clients describe the treatment as feeling like a ‘warm sensation’.

Our therapists will ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment. No numbing creams or aesthetic are necessary.

Waxing is a way more painful experience.

Laser hair removal is more permanent hair reduction than permanent hair removal. In most cases, the hair never grows back, but it is not guaranteed.

Laser hair removal treatments reduce unwanted body hair by destroying the hair follicle. After each laser treatment, you’ll notice a reduction in the amount of hair growing back, until hair regrowth ceases altogether.

Factors such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress, certain medications or supplements may stimulate hair growth. It is a possibility, but this rarely happens.

Our therapist will explain everything in detail to make sure you are a good candidate.

In short, the at home devices are not as powerful and effective as the professional treatments. They mostly use intense pulse light technology which is less effective then a diode laser.

Please do not wax or pluck the hair in the area to be treated at least 3-4weeks before your treatment. we require the follicle underneath the skin to target the hair.

You will then clean shave the area the day before your treatment.

There is no difference in human biology in this regard, both are as effective as each other and just like you see in women's health, mens health is all about the manscaping nowadays! We’ve treated all shapes and sizes, all genders and races. Men may prefer to be hair free, some sports are easier hair free too! Bonus!

Laser hair removal also aids mens health by treating common conditions such as ingrown hair that can cause discomfort.

The laser treatment can remove unwanted hair in most areas quickly and effectively. Popular body hair areas include the upper lip, legs, underarm and bikini line which are some of the most requested from our female clients.

Our most popular treatment is Hollywood Extended.

Getting laser hair removal treatments is also a popular choice with our male clientele. Common requested areas such as the chest, stomach, back, and face, are all possible to be treated with our diode laser.

After the first two - three sessions, you should notice significant hair loss / hair reduction. Ideally you should see a 9% – 14% hair reduction, however, it is different for each individual.

We recommend a full course between an average of 8-12 laser hair removal treatments for optimal results.

Depends from person to person, generally people with dark hairs and fairer skin see results faster because its easier for the laser to target the hairs due to the contrast.

That being said no two people are the same and our therapist will give an informed answer specifically to your skin type at your free consultation. We do recommend an average of 8-12 sessions for optimal results. Some areas will be more stubborn than others and may require a few more. We do recommend a touch up or maintenance session 3months after completing your course, and then 6months after that.

Very safe. Your safety is our priority (cliché, we know. But very true).

The high-quality system we use for our laser hair removal in Pretoria East is safe on all skin types.

We even give you highly fashionable green safety glasses to wear during your treatment to protect your eyes from the emitted light.

Laser hair removal is overall, very safe and well-tolerated. There are no long-term health risks associated with the treatment.

However, some minor side effects after laser hair removal may occur. A therapist will perform a test patch to see how the skin reacts in a small controlled area.

Effects and risks may include:

Slight Redness – Laser hair removal damages the follicles of the targeted hair causing the hair loss. The affected area may look similar to skin that has just been waxed or plucked. Our therapists will provide a calming gel after treatment and will advise keeping sun exposure to a minimum for a few days especially with our South Africa sun. You will also have the option of purchasing aftercare after your laser session.

Temporary Changes in Skin Colour – Some people may notice minor colour changes to the treated area of skin. Dark skin or light skin, these changes fade away over time, and the skin returns to normal, again it is advised to reduce sun exposure to a minimum.

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