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What is waxing?

Waxing hair uses a resin-based wax-like product to remove hair from the follicle. Whether your doing eyebrow waxing or leg waxing, results can last up to six weeks. Waxing is one of the best ways to temporarily remove unwanted body hair. You have properly thought about waxing or shaving? Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes the hair from the roots, not just the skin’s surface.

Our most popular areas to get waxed are:

Underarm waxing

Eyebrow waxing

Leg Waxing

Bikini Wax

Brazilian wax

Types of waxing

There are two different types of waxing hard/hot wax, and soft wax. Let’s compare these two types of waxing below:

Method of application: The main difference between the two, is that hard/hot wax melts at a lower temperature, as opposed to soft wax which needs high heat. Hard wax will harden after it’s applied on top of the skin, but soft wax will stay watery even after the application.

Hard wax won’t demand strips, and you can simply pull it off with your hands, while soft wax will need a couple of waxing strips to successfully lift up from your skin.

Italwax is a film wax which is an improved version of the classical hot wax.

Which waxing type hurts less:

While both types of waxing are very tolerable, we can say that some women prefer one above the other. Soft wax has a tendency to grab the skin whereas hard wax will harden and stick to your body hair without grabbing the skin. Soft wax sticks to skin and hair, which might feel more unpleasant.

Which type of wax is better for bikini area?:

Women often find the soft wax ideal for waxing their larger areas since it is so easily spread. Soft wax is recommended for legs, arms, and back. However, you should use hard wax on your sensitive body parts, such as your bikini area, your face, and your armpits. It won’t irritate your skin as much, and it might feel more comfortable once pulled off the top of your skin.

The reason why bikini waxes often are more uncomfortable is because of the hair which is in the area. Often, hair there is extra thick and coarse, and it also grows in opposite directions.

Our White Chocolate Wax is amazing you NEED to try it!

Film Wax carefully follows the relief of the depilated area, catches all the hairs close to the skin surface, which allows to remove hair from the difficult zones on the first try.

When removed, Film Wax does not leave any broken hairs.

Wax does not break while being removed.

The number of applications to the treated area is 3 times less compared to traditional hot wax.

Significantly reduces the time required for depilation procedure.

For hair removal on delicate areas (armpits, bikini, face).

Waxing vs Shaving

Both of these methods offer smooth skin for longer than what shaving will. Waxing leaves you smooth and hairless for weeks, while laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction.

So why are there so many people still waxing if laser hair removal will permanently remove all hair? Well for one the investment in laser hair removal is higher initially, but rest assured you will save loads in the long run, not just money but time. Most people also might not know to much about it, but when they come for a treatment are always pleasantly surprised.

Waxing just removes the hair from the hair follicle at the root but then immediately starts to grow again. Laser hair removal on the other hand damages the hair follicle using heat which then eliminates the hair from growing back.

Only the finest wax used

Imported from Italy, Italwax offer the ultimate in hair removal waxing services. Italwax offers professional cosmetics for waxing produced in compliance with the modern and classic Italian formula under strict supervision of its private laboratory in Milan. The factory is fitted with the newest equipment. All Italwax waxes have a high adhesiveness (the ability to securely engage with hairs), which makes the hair removal procedure most effective, fast, safe and relatively painless. This keeps them at the forefront of the beauty industry.

The finest ingredients offer high performance waxes.

Waxing Pricing


Area Ladies Gents
Ear or Nose R100 R110
Brows R100 R110
Lip or Chin R100 R-
Lip + Chin R190 R-
Chin + Brows R190 R-
Lip + Brows R190 R-
Lip, Chin & Brows R270 R-
Full Face R290 R-
Underarm R160 R180
Half Arm R180 R210
Full Arm R240 R280
Chest R- R390
Chest & Stomach & Back R- R900
Half Back R160 R200
Full Back R310 R390
Stomach R160 R340
Full Leg R315 R370
Half Leg R230 R250
3/4 Leg R250 R340
Bikini R200 R-
Brazilian (Strip) R275 R-
Hollywood R320 R340
Brazilian Extended R295 R-
Hollywood Extended R340 R380

Frequently Asked Questions

Male waxing is more common than you think and on the rise, especially in this day and age. From unibrow waxing to a boyzilian wax, there is nothing we haven’t seen. Male waxing and grooming is not only getting more common but we personally feel like it is a necessity.

So when looking for places to visit for waxing in Pretoria, make sure you contact Glo for all your manscaping needs. So yes, do guys wax? Indeed they do! Waxing for men is on the rise.

First time waxing? We get it, it can be somewhat technical when it comes to the actual length of your hair. On average you need to grow your hair for about 3-4 weeks to achieve the optimal length for waxing. Hair growth is different on leg waxing than it is with intimate waxing.

Hair growth in your bikini area may take a bit longer than any other area so we suggest an average of half a centimetre in hair length.

No, it’s not a stupid question. We have 6 different bikini styles so let’s explain then the best way we can… visually.

We hope that this visual representation helps you understand our different bikini styles. We get asked a lot “What does a Brazilian wax include?”, well Brazilian extended is the same as the Brazilian strip illustrated above, however, it includes the bum area.

Hollywood Extended is everything off as illustrated but also includes the bum area.

The honest answer, you might. Some people are more prone to ingrown hairs and itchy bumps after waxing. So the question here is, how do we prevent these pesky little things from happening and how to treat ingrown hairs from waxing. There are definitely a few things you can do to avoid this some of which include the following:

Exfoliate. Ingrown hair after waxing is caused by hair trapped inside the follicle and grows to the inside or backwards and is often accompanied by an infection. Exfoliating will help you to keep the pores and follicles open and clean and will most likely solve your ingrown problems.

Avoid tight clothing. At least for a while try not to wear clothes that are too tight as this may cause the hair to grow out normally.

Coconut oilCoconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. So try to remember to apply coconut oil to the area.

The short answer: No.

Waxing is a method that has been around for many many years. We can disclose to you that in the long run waxing may be harmful to tissue cells. However, not to the extent that it poses any form of permanent damage or harm to your skin.

As for the stretching rumor, we believe this one to be false. The only thing that will cause your skin to stretch is weight gain. Our skin is thick enough to withstand a lot and believe us when we say waxing does not compromise the elasticity of your skin in any way.

Better? Not necessarily. Different? Absolutely. In this case, it is just a matter of preference.

Threading and waxing facial hair has pretty much the same effect. The only difference is how they feel.

Both methods pull the hair our from the follicle, so if we were to answer this question truthfully we’d say visit your nearest skin clinic in Pretoria and give them both a try.

Same results, just a different experience