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What is a Scar Removal?

Scarring is the natural healing process of your skin after an injury, scarring may have different shapes, sizes, colour and texture and may affect everyone. There are certain factors that can determine the healing process of your skin and the formation of a scar. These factors include the size of the wound, age, race, gender and genetics.

There are different types of scars and each will appear differently. Keloid scars are the result of a person’s skin trying to over heal itself, they extend beyond the borders of injury and normally cannot be successfully removed without running the risk of further keloid formation, people with darker skin types are more prone to develop keloid scars it is determined by genetics.

Contracture scars occur after a person has suffered a burn injury, the skin appears tightened. Hypertrophic scars appear red and raised and are easier to treat than keloid scars. Acne scars are the result of acne lesions that have healed, there are different types of acne scars differing in their depth and colour.

Our scar removal treatments


75min – 90in

Safety Regulation

FDA and CE Approved


None, this is a non-invasive treatment




Treatments are done 3 to 6 weeks apart


Course of 3-8 recommended for optimal results*

Scar Removal Pricing

Face Per Session
Full Face R1500
Face and Neck R1700
Face, Neck and Décolleté R1900
Scars (Per 100cm2) R950


Body Per Session
Scar (Per 100cm2) from R950