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Manicure Pricing

We at Glo Laser & Beauty want to give your hands and feet the pampering it deserves! Sit back , relax and get Gloing!


Gel Premium Strength Price
Premium Base R370
Premium with Gel Colour R420
Premium with Paint R390
French with Base Colour R400
French with Gel Colour R440
French with Gel Ombre R530
Add on Signature Mani (soak, exfoliate, file & massage) R120


Gel Rubber Base Price
Rubber Base  R300
Rubber Base with Gel Colour R350
Rubber Base with Paint R320
French with Base Colour R330
French with Gel Colour R370
French with Gel Ombre R420
Add on Signature Mani (soak, exfoliate, file & massage) R120


Acrylic Price
Acrylic Natural Overlay Application R460
Acrylic with Paint R480
Acrylic with Gel Colour R510
Acrylic Overlay Ombre R490
Acrylic Overlay with Gel Colour French R540
Acrylic Fill, Buff + Natural R350
Acrylic Fill, Buff + Paint R370
Acrylic Fill, Buff + Gel Colour R410
Acrylic Fill, Buff + Ombre R380
Acrylic Fill, Buff + Gel Colour French R440
Add on Signature Mani (soak, exfoliate, file & massage) R120


Tips Price
Soft Gel Tips with Gel Colour R530
Soft Gel Tips with Gel Backfill (once) R450
Soft Gel Tips with Paint R430
Soft Gel Tips with Paint Backfill (once) R350
Soft Gel Tips with Gel Colour French R550
Acrylic Tips (Full Set) R520
Acrylic Tips Ombre R550
Acrylic Tips with Gel Colour R570
Tips with Nelé Gel R570
Tips with Nelé Ombre R590


Signature Mani Price
Soak, exfoliate, file, cuticle work, massage only R220


Paint Price
Express Mani (file, buff and paint) R180
Express Mani French R200
Extras Price
Nail Fix Extend Gel / Acrylic fix R50
Add Heel file / Foot soak R50
Add Paraffin Dip Hands/Feet R130
Add Medi- Pedi Heel Alkaline Solution R180
Marble Ink, Chrome, Sticker, Spider Gel, Foil, Transfer Foil, French, Ombre (per nail) R25
Glitter (per nail) R15
Glitter (full set) R100
Gel Play Pot Glitter (per nail) R20
Stones small/med/ large shaped R2 / R3 / R10


Glo Kids Mini Me Price
Glo Tots Mani/Pedi Paint (u12) R110
Glo Tots Mani/PediGel (u12) R200
Glo Teens Mani/Pedi Paint (u16) R140
Glo Teens Mani/Pedi Gel (Rubber Base) (u16) R220
Add Signature Mani/Pedi (soak, exfoliate, massage) (u12) R120



Gel Price
Gel Overlay Toes R280
Gel French Overlay Toes R290
Ladies/ Men's Buff and Shine Toes R180
Acrylic Overlay Toes R290


Signature Pedi

(cuticle work, file, soak, exfoliate, file heels & massage)
No paint R330
Paint R380
Paint French R400
Gel R490
Gel French R520
Acrylic R540

                                               Medi -Pedi

(cuticle work, file, soak, exfoliate, file heels, medi tonic peel & massage)

No paint R470
Paint R520
Paint French R540
Gel R660
Gel French R680
Acrylic R700


Morgan Taylor Paint Price
Express Pedi Paint Toes R180
Express French Paint Toes R200



Take it Off Price
Soak off Acrylic and Quick Tidy R140
Soak Acrylic with reapplication R80
Soak off Gel and Quick Tidy R120
Soak Gel with a reapplication R65
Soak off with Treatment R195