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Black Friday 2018

What is it?

Black Friday refers to the shopping day after Thanksgiving in the US. The name Black Friday originates from the fact that so many people went out to shop, that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. The phrase was coined by the Philadelphia Police Department to describe the mayhem surrounding the congestion of pedestrian and auto traffic in the downtown area.

When is it?

Black Friday 2018 will take place on 23 November and there are many South African stores which are promising big sales! But there will also be many South Africans who are waiting on these special offers which make Black Friday a little bit scary!

Why do people avoid it?

People avoid Black Friday as they associate it with a stampede-like shopping experience and only some people benefiting from the initiative. But no worries - here are four main reasons why people avoid Black Friday & why you shouldn't when it comes to shopping at Glo Laser & Beauty.

1. Large Crowds

Some people get claustrophobic when it comes to large crowds - especially when everyone is heading for the same special offer in a store. With Glo Laser & Beauty you can avoid large crowds by paying via EFT & then redeem your treatments later.

2. Fist Fights

People have a strong connotation to violence - sure thing, maybe like 5 years ago. But these days - the worst thing that can happen is an online store can crash. Stores know all the in and outs now and will make their Black Friday experience as convenient as they can. But with Glo Laser & beauty, you don't have to lift a hand. We are not limited to the number of sales for Black Friday which means you won't get onto our online store and see the "sold out" sign.

3. Scams

Sure, there will be scammers on stand-by - ready to take your money without giving you anything. They are like scavengers waiting for your payment, making you think you will get this 'big deal'. But you don't have to be afraid of a scam at Glo Laser & Beauty - we are legit as the results you will get with our treatments.

4. Better Deals are Coming

Many stores have various special offers during the year, but they save the best special offer at the lowest price for Black Friday. So nope, the 23rd of November will be as good as it gets.

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