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Enjoy the freedom that permanent makeup brings.

Imagine if the only makeup you need to go out into your day is foundation and a touch of lipstick?
No more struggling to get your eye liner right, no more eyebrow pencil or lip liner. This is what you can look forward to when you choose to enhance your natural gifts with permanent makeup.
The only time you may want to add more makeup would be when you’re heading out for a function or a night out on the town, but during the day you’ll look great without having to work too hard at it.
Glo Laser & Beauty is home to all that encompasses permanent makeup in Pretoria, and they’ll make you feel as good about it as you would with any of their beauty treatments on offer!
Before you decide that permanent makeup is the way to go, you need to know that it’s not painless!  It’s also not going-through-the-roof kind of pain either, but the results will be well worth a bit of discomfort.
Imagine waking up in the morning without having to scramble for the makeup, and then ask yourself why you haven’t already booked your first permanent makeup session!
If you aren’t convinced about how great permanent makeup is, ask anyone who’s been there before you. They’ll tell you they’ve never looked back after looking great permanently.
The first step:
At the all-important free consultation with your beauty therapist at Glo, the decision about the pigment colour to be used will be discussed. The right pigment colour is important. The last thing you want if you have blonde hair is to have midnight black eyebrows!
From here you’ll know exactly what the procedure will involve so that you’re well prepared in advance. This procedure will also include aftercare, which plays a crucial role in the success of your permanent makeup.
Here’s what you can do to enjoy all the benefits of permanent makeup:
Only you know how to enhance your eyebrows, which is why it’s best for you to arrive for your free consultation with your eyebrows made up the ways you usually wear them.
This helps your Glo therapist draw the right lines as a guide to filling in your eyebrows once the procedure starts.
Before work starts on your eyebrows an anaesthetic will be applied to make the process a little more comfortable, and more will be used during the treatment.
You’ll have input right from the start, and, in conjunction with the experience your technician brings to the procedure, the perfect eyebrow shape will be decided on before treatment begins.
By the time it’s all over, you’ll know exactly what will happen as the permanent brow moves from healing to the final touch-up, which should normally take place from 6 to 12 weeks after the initial treatment. This time allows colour to settle nicely.
Eye liner:
This is the answer if you’re tired of eyeliner that smudges whenever you get wet, perspire, and cry happy tears or battle with allergies!
Style and colour of eyeliner will be your choice, which will be made easier with the help of your therapist when you go through your options that will work best for your facial features.
The end result will be that you no longer have to struggle with trying to apply your eyeliner perfectly every day.
Lip liner:
Lip liner or permanent lip colour? Either way you’ll have lips that look great 24 hours a day!
If you’re older and are tired of lipstick bleeding into wrinkles around your mouth, you’ll love permanent lip liner, and you’ll never have to spend the time it takes to get your lips perfectly defined.
Adding permanent lip colour takes it a step further. Glo Laser & Beauty will assist you to choose the perfect colour for your complexion, which will mean that you’ll always have colour on your lips.
Imagine never having to wear lipstick again! And if you do want a change, simply wear a different colour on top of the permanent lip colour.
Take a leap into a future free of make up with Glo Laser & Beauty!

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