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No more shaving, plucking or waxing

No more shaving, plucking or waxing

Time for you to consider Laser Hair Removal

Seriously, if we could get away with it, how many times would you really want to pluck, shave, wax or cream off irritating hair? Especially when it’s just one of those things we have to do as much of a hassle as it is – none of us would dream of wearing shorts or a sleeveless top without shaving, would we? Laser Hair Removal
Of course, the guys don’t have to worry about that, a few hairs on their face or under their arms is not going to stop them, but.If we have to shave or pluck every other day, imagine what it must be like for them, shaving every day if they don’t have a beard – there has to be some empathy between the sexes there!
Before pain-free laser hair removal made its way into the world of hair removal, there were even men brave enough to tackle waxing, but things have changed, thankfully, with the arrival of The Soprano Ice Pain-Free Laser Hair removal treatment in Pretoria, delivered by the team devoted to skincare at Glo Laser & Beauty!
The Soprano Ice laser hair removal system does the trick quickly and painlessly, using revolutionary breakthrough technology to bring the most comfortable hair removal to all in a salon designed to bring a little light and laughter into the business of beauty and hair removal, minus the pain!
Centuries ago pumice stones and other frankly terrifying methods were used for hair removal, which makes us the lucky ones who don’t have to suffer the agony that must have come with ancient hair removal!  Today, thankfully, beauty has become a lot less painful, in fact, Glo Laser & Beauty delivers beauty treatments that definitely take the non-invasive route yet still deliver fabulous results!
This is all very ‘yay’ for all of us, stopping the regrowth of hair in the places we don’t want it, and, if you go the distance, which depends on your skin and hair type, you can look forward to no regrowth after anything from eight to ten sessions with The Soprano Ice pain-free laser hair removal system; each session is so quick that you’ll be in and out before you know it!
What you will know and feel is a difference after just one session, which for most of us works to get us hooked on this solution to feeling like an Orangutan, although these hairy animals would never think of bleaching, shaving, waxing or plucking, as humans, we’d prefer not to look like them!
Laser hair removal uses light passing through the skin into the hair follicle to destroy those pesky cells that produce the unwanted hair, and it is the perfect solution for many of the more sensitive areas of the body such as the face, upper lip, bikini line and under arms, as well as, of course, the  legs.
Throw that razor out, get rid of the tweezers and hair removal creams to take the pain-free, easy option of laser hair removal in Pretoria with the super-friendly team at Glo Laser & Beauty; they know just how to make you feel even more special than you already are, from top to toe!

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