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Nourish Revitalise Eye Cream

Target ageing, puffiness and eye congestion all in one simple step, contouring and firming the skin has never been easier.

  • Contour and firm ageing skin
  • Helps but does not fully cure the signs of dark circles
  • Reduces any puffiness and inflammation
  • Reveals a brighter and more youthful eye area


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    Lamelle Nourish Revitalise Eye Cream is a luxuriously smooth cream specially made to infuse the skin with antioxidants and natural oils to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

    It is a cream that will also brighten and revitalise the delicate skin of the eyes. When eyes are tired, they will feel refreshed with a cooling cream such as this. Along with its benefits, applying this cream is a lovely experience for the user as it is soft and silky upon application. This is an optimal therapy to significantly enhance the lymphatic drainage of the eye contours while firming and reducing puffiness.

    Some key active ingredients make this eye cream stand out from any other. They include Panthenol which is there to reduce irritation and inflammation on the delicate under-eye skin. Also, Vitamin C stimulates collagen and brightens the eye area and peptides to prevent those pesky dark circles that give away fatigue!