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Serra Restore Cream

Red, inflamed skin? Look no further! Serra Restore Cream is a tall glass of nutrients for your skin to enjoy!

  • Soothing and calming to irritated skin
  • Enhanced essential fatty acid skin supplement to make skin nice and plump
  • Reduces the risk of inflammatory triggers in the skin to avoid any damage


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • Lamelle Serra Restore Cream has been specially formulated to be a corrective lipid replacement for dry skin sufferers.

    The restore cream is a light, non-oily cream that combines the power of Lamelles patented Ceramide-P technology with skin soothing

    and restorative moisturiser Oat Beta Glucan that has wound healing properties. There is also the incredible skin healing super ingredient called dexpanthenol.

    This unique combination mimics the lost lipid bi-layer of the epidermis.

    If you use the Lamelle Serra Restore Cream regularly, it can restore moisture and reduces redness, inflammation and irritation. Therefore, it is fantastic for those struggling with eczema, which is fantastic as it can be difficult to find.

    Combine this treatment with the Serra Cleansing Gel and the Serra Hydrating Mask for a supercell repairing weekly treatment. It includes shea butter which is an excellent moisturiser with its emollient properties. There is panthenol that reduces irritation and increases hydration.

    Be sure to use this cream after cleansing with the Serra Cleansing Gel for deeply restorative treatment. The Lamelle Serra Restore Cream is fragrance-free, and so it is perfect for sensitive skin.