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Barrier Repair Cream

Dry skin because of the weather? Hydrate your skin. Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream is a necessity in repairing very dry skin and provides up to 48 hours of moisture.

  • Maintain skin hydration for up to 2 days after application.
  • Repair and maintain a disrupted skin barrier disruption
  • Helps retain skin moisture
  • Suitable for very sensitive skin types
  • Increases skin healing


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream is a rich, soothing cream that calms the skin. Your skin needs the best products! Worry no more about the dryness and flaking of your skin due to weather conditions or dermatology therapies.

    Barrier repair cream is enriched with Medilan, a medical-grade Lanolin that can mimic natural oils' function in your skin. This Ultra-Pure key ingredient is nearly twice as effective as the physiological lipids in human skin. Researches have shown no allergic or irritant skin reactions, even in seriously compromised skin.

    Specifically developed after temporary skin disruptions resulting from chemical peels, laser therapy or microdermabrasion.

    This product is highly recommended in the market today as it is proven effective for treatment and hydration.